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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Leaga.

Leaga is an Online Gaming Comunity, with thousands of distinct Members competing in hundreds of Leagues. Our growing popularity is based on many factors: our user-friendly, pleasant site filled with up-to-date and easy to use stats, the quality of the competition in our leagues, the fairness of our Ranking and Rating system, and the high level of civility displayed by our Members. Quite simply, we have created the best online gaming community on the net.

You may promote your site on Leaga using Banners or Text Links one or more of the following pages:

Home page: www.leaga.com

    Single League Main page: (The Main League page)

    Advertisement Positions on Pages
    Banners or Text are positioned separately from other Pages contents, and may be under one of the following positions:

    • Top Fold: is the top part just below the Eliters News. There is one spot 468x60 to 702x60.
    • Bottom Fold: is the part at the bottom of the page above the copyright notice. There is one spot 468x60.
    • Menu Left: Unlimited number of spots 160x60.
      - Priority is high up, right above the Services Tab.
      - Regular is at the bottom of the Menu.

Our Advertising Rates are shown below.
These Rates are doubled in case the advertisement is for a Game or Gaming Site
Banners or Text Advertisements Rates are for 1 Link; each additional link is billed at 20% extra charge.
Discounts will be offered for longer duration advertisements (3-Month 10% , 6-Month 15%, full year 20%)
If the Advertisement requires a different Dimension not included in the list; the Rates will be adjusted accordingly.
If you are interested to advertise in other pages, please email to admin@leaga.com

Media Position Dimension
Max Size
Rate (US$) Duration
Gaming Other
Home PageTop Fold Center468x6020100%100501 Month
Home PageMenu Left Priority160x6010100%50251 Month
Home PageMenu Left Bottom160x6010100%30151 Month
Home PageBottom Fold468x6020100%60301 Month
Specific League Main PageTop Fold468x6020100%60301 Month/League
Specific League Main PageMenu Left Priority160x6010100%40201 Month/League
Specific League Main PageMenu Leftt Bottom160x6010100%30151 Month/League
Specific League Main PageBottom Fold468x6020100%40201 Month/League

For more information about advertising on our site, and for quotations, please email us at:

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