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How to Contact Us? Last Update: 7/9/2005

To make sure that your ideas, suggestions, inquiries, and complaints will have the proper attention, we advise you to email them to the appropriate person using the "Contact Us" function on Leaga Menus.

League's Matters

If the Email subject is related to a certain League, please use the "Contact us" for this specific League available at the bottom of the League Info box on the menu.

Emails related to League's issues should never be addressed or copied "CC" to Leaga corporate staff.

All Emails sent or copied to corporate staff before being sent first to the League Admin will be ignored. For this reason, please make sure to attach all previous correspondence on the subject to the email.

Leaga General Matters

If your question, inquiry, or comment is not related to a specific League and is common in nature, please Email it to the appropriate corporate staff using the Main Menu Contact Us link.

General Subjects include:

  • League Suggestion; For suggesting a New League or Play Site. We advise you to read carefully the Help Topic 1201 before suggesting a new League.

  • League Creation; For questions and inquiries related to League Creation and setting, including New League or Play Site suggestion, and complaints against League Administrators. If you have a complaint or a problem against a League Staff or a specific Player or related directly to a certain League; please don't use this category and use the appropriate League page Contact Us.

  • Registration; For questions and inquiries related to Registration as a Member, including User Name, ID change, and ID problems and enquiries.

  • Membership; For questions and inquiries related to Premium Membership benefits, payment, maturity, and renewal.

  • Lost Password; If you forgot or lost your password. For security purposes, please send your inquiry, stating your exact Leaga User Name. Your password will be sent to the same E-mail address you used to register in Leaga.

  • PIPs; For questions or inquiries related to your PIPs account, transactions, or balance.

  • $ Accounts; For questions related to your US$ account, transactions, or balance. Also, for cash deposits and transfer requests from your account to you.

  • Site & Systems; For suggesting any site or system improvement. Please have as much details as possible about the suggestion or idea. Also, this category may be used for reporting any system, or technical problem, or error. Please specify in detail the conditions that lead to the problem, with a copy of the error message you got.

  • Policies & Rules; For interpretations or clarifications of Leaga Policies & Rules.

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