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Create Your Own League Last Update: 10/19/2008

Leaga allows you to create and run your own online professional gaming League with great tools and utilities:

  • Full reach to all Leaga Members to join your League.
  • Complete Administrative and Operation Control over your League.
  • Ability to Customize your League pages and set your own Specific Game Rules.
  • Ability to form your own Team of Admins.
  • Hosting and Systems Licenses provided Free by Leaga.com.
  • Advanced Systems based on years of development at Eliters.com.
  • Fresh looking, extremely Fast and User-Friendly Site.
  • Ladder format, Matches, Challenges, Tournaments, and Divisions.
  • Detailed Stats and Performance indicators.
  • Dedicated Admin Tools and Utilities.
  • Dedicated Community Tools, message Forum, Profiles, Polls...
  • Revenue Sharing, 2% (5% for Ladder Plus Administrators) of all Matches, Challenges and Tourney Fees; No deductions for prizes or activity.

To create a League; it's FREE (Special offer for limited period):

  • You must have validated your E-mail at Leaga.
  • You must be a Registered Member at Leaga for 1 week.

To start a New Leaga League, you have to select a Play Site and a Game, and make sure of the viability of the League:

Play Site:

Select the Play Site you wish to use for Hosting Tourneys and for your Players to play. If you don't find the Play Site of your choice in the approved Play Site List; please consider the following issues and send all the details to Admin@leaga.com:

  • What is the Play Site Name (like Yahoo!, Pogo, GameDesire etc)
  • What is the URL address of this Play Site?
  • What are the Games covered in this Play Site?
  • How many Rooms are provided for each Game?
  • Are there any access restrictions or limitations on the use of Rooms?
  • Is it Free, or paying Membership? how much is the subscription?
  • How many Players are using this Play Site, and how many are active at the prime times?


Select the Game Name you wish to cover, you may select "Multi" if you wish to cover many Games in the same Play Site. If you don't find the Game of your choice in the approved Games List; please consider the following issues and send all the details to Admin@leaga.com:

  • What is the Game Name?
  • What are the Tables Settings and Rules choices available?
  • Is it Multiplayer? How many players are usually playing there?
  • The game format 1x1, 2x2, 1x3?
  • What Tourney Types and Styles may be played?
  • Is it possible to trace the games result and playing history?
  • Are there any chances for cheating?

Chances of success of this New League:

To make sure of the success of the Newe League; please consider the following issues:

  • How many players are playing now?
  • Is there any competition? What are the other Leagues presently active? What is their size and importance?
  • What is your plan to attract players?
  • How many players you will be attracting to play in this League?
  • How many Matches you expect to reach Daily in the first 3 months?
  • How many Tourneys you expect to run every week in the first 3 months?

Running your own League requires a lot of time to Plan and Monitor the League Activity and Performance, Promote the League, Recruit and Manage a team of Tournament Directors, Host Tourneys and Events, and Solve Staff and Players Problems. If you don't have the time, please think twice before starting one.

The growth and success of your League cannot be achieved in one week, and depend on your interpersonal and managerial skills and your dedication to provide the best services to the Players. If you don't have the qualities required, let others handle this job, and you can help them until you acquire the experience.

If you are convinced of the viability of the League and your readiness to spend the time and effort required for its growth, you may Create the League at http://www.leaga.com/main/league-create.asp

If you need any further details or you wish to apply formally to create this new League, please communicate with the VP Marketing.

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