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League Settings Last Update: 6/24/2010

To create your own League you must be at least a Bronze Member at Leaga, and fill the Create League form.

League Name

  • Select a League Name that will represent your League.
  • League Name should be 24 characters maximum including spaces.
  • The name should not include reference to the Play Site or Game, as these will be always attached to your League Name.
  • Do not use inappropriate or vulgar or otherwise offensive Names. Inappropriate names include, but are not limited to, those that contain profanity, are offensive to other users, are abusive to other Members, are deemed to be disruptive, or are too similar to another League or Administrator name. Leaga.com reserves the right to ask you to change the name or remove any name it deems inappropriate for any reason.
  • The League Name will appear on all League Pages.

League Domain

  • Select your League Domain that will be used as your League Address (URL). Example: http://www.domain.leaga.com/
  • Domain should be 20 characters maximum, and should not include spaces or underscore.
  • It's advisable to have the Domain similar to the League Name and as short as possible for ease of reference and use by Members. The Domain should include reference to the Play Site or Game, especially if the same League Name will be used in Multiple Leagues.

Ranking System

  • Select the Ranking System that will be adopted in your League.
  • Please choose carefully. You will not be able to change this later.

League Status

  • Select if you wish the League to be Public: Available to all Members to join, or Private: Only Members invited by you can join the League.
  • You will be able to change this Status later.

Play Site

  • It's your responsibility to select the Play Site the League will be using.
  • Make sure the Play Site you choose is accessible to all Members to play Matches and host Tourneys. If there are any restrictions, including Membership, this should be clearly stated for Members to consider when joining the League.
  • A League cannot cover Multiple Play Sites, each Play Site/Game should have a distinct League.
  • Make sure there are no access restrictions or limitations on the use of Rooms.
  • Leaga is not responsible for the content of the Play Site or any of the services provided by these sites.
  • Some of these sites may charge separate fees, which are not included in the Set-up, Rental, or Membership payment. Leaga is not responsible for such fees.


  • It's your responsibility to select the Game to be played in the League.
  • A League cannot cover Multiple Games, each Game/Play Site should have a distinct League.
  • It's advisable to select a Game where it is possible to trace the games result and playing history.

League Appearance

  • You will be able to select and Edit your Logo Font and Color.
  • You will be able to select and Edit the League pages Colors (Primary, Secondary, Header).
  • You will be able to add your league Logo.
  • You will be able to add a Main Page Background and other features as Chat, Calendar, Special Announcements, etc... Only available to Plus Leagues.

League Specific Rules

  • You will be able to set the League's Specific rules within the Leaga General Rules.
  • You will be able to set the League's Game Specific rules, including Tourney Formats.
  • You will be able to set the Staff Authorities and Limits for various Tourney Types and Staff Levels.

Play Rooms

  • You are responsible to find a Play Room for your League Players to play League Matches, Challenges and Tournaments.
  • You may not host your League in a Room used presently by the Eliters League.
  • You should look for a Room that does not currently house an established Leaga League or must find a League that will agree to share a Room. If there are multiple Leagues in a room, all must agree to a sharing arrangement.
  • If you are leaving one Leaga League in order to start your own League for the same Play Site/Game, it is ethical not to use the same Room as the league you are leaving without the prior permission of the Head Administrator for that League.
  • Leaga reserves the right to restrict the number of Leagues allowed for any given Play Site/Game Room.

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