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Relationship with other Leagues Last Update: 6/20/2005

As an authorized League Administrator, you are a representative of Leaga. This means that you must portray yourself and your online character in a respectable, professional, and friendly manner at all times. This is true whether you are playing or hosting or dealing with League Players or Staff, or interacting with Leaga Leagues or other Leagues.

  • Do not use any of the Leaga.com sites, forums or tools to threaten, harass, stalk, abuse others or “hack” their accounts. Follow the golden rule and treat other leagues and their members with the same respect you wish for your own league.

  • Impersonating a Leaga.com Staff member is prohibited. Falsely representing yourself as a Leaga.com Staff member can result in termination of your League.

  • Spamming in a Room or Forum other than the Default Room or Forum or Pages of your League will not be tolerated.

  • Direct solicitation of Players from other Leaga Leagues is strictly forbidden. This includes, but not limited to, sending emails or private messaging service, or visiting lobbies and tables and inviting members of other Leagues to join your League.

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