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Conduct when using the Services Last Update: 6/20/2005

The Users' conduct in the Services is guided by basic web etiquette. Users must obey all laws and other rules that regulate the use of the Internet and web sites. Any illegal behavior will be noted and notified to the relevant authorities and such User will be terminated and banned for an unlimited period of time from the Services.

The User shall be personally responsible for the use, communications and activities of the Services. Such responsibility includes, but is not limited to, all communications, texts, images and links that the User contributes to the Service. The User indemnifies and holds Leaga harmless from any liability or damages arising from such content.

Without limitation, Leaga finds for example the following acts as violations against the Services:

  • Distributing and transmitting illegal, harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive or sexually explicit content into the Service.

  • Harming minors in any way.

  • Distributing software or files that contain a virus or corrupted data.

  • Committing any other illegal acts in the Services, including hacking, cracking, or inverting the visible code to source code.

  • Manipulating of the Leaga Software in any way, shape or form.

  • Modifying the Services, except changes allowed by the Leaga System.

  • Attempting to damage our website or any of our facilities.

  • Attempting to undermine or disrupt the legitimate and proper operation of any aspect of Leaga.

  • Threatening, embarrassing or harassing other Users or any other individual, group or entity.

  • Impersonating of any other Member, Administrator or Leaga Staff, or presenting yourself as being affiliated with Leaga in any way that is not factually correct.

  • Using or attempting to use other Users or Members passwords or other Account information.

  • Advertising or conducting commercial activities within Leaga, or promoting other sites in direct or indirect competition with Leaga.

  • Engaging in any activity on Leaga that violates any applicable laws or regulations, be they local or international. Your ignorance of such laws does not absolve you of this responsibility, as most courts do not consider ignorance of the law an acceptable excuse.

Leaga.com reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to preserve the integrity of its Services. Violation of any of the terms and conditions set forth above may result in action by Leaga, including but not limited to:

  • The forfeiture of any awards or prizes you or any of the League Staff or Players have earned as a result of illegal activity.

  • The permanent ban precluding you from participation in any and all Leaga Services, including the ability to create any future Leagues.

  • The immediate suspension of your League.

  • The immediate deletion of your League.

Any of the above actions shall in no way preclude Leaga from pursuing other avenues of recourse such as criminal or civil proceedings in connection with your misconduct.

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