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Tournament Directors Last Update: 11/30/2005

  • A Member may apply to become a League TD if s/he meets the following minimum requirements:
    • Should be a Premium Member. This requirement is suspended; Guests will be allowed to apply on exceptional basis and until further notice.
    • 16+ Years old.
    • Maturity and good judgment.
    • Pleasant personality.
    • Capable of working under pressure.
    • Full dedication and loyalty to Leaga. Should not be a TD or Admin in any other Gaming Site/League.

  • The League Head Administartor may set additional requirements such as:
    • To have played a certain minimum Matches or Tourneys.
    • To be available to host Tournaments in a time zone having vacancies.  
    • To be ready to host a certain minimum Tournaments a week.
    • To successfully pass a probationary period.

  • The Applicant should complete the formal TD Application Form.

  • As soon the application is completed properly, the system will advise the Applicant that his/her application was well received and that it will be processed in 2 weeks.

  • In case the Application is denied, the system will email the applicant informing him/her of the denial.

  • As soon as the TD is appointed the system will email the New TD welcoming him/her and providing him/her with all addresses for manuals and Admin page.

Staff Incentives

The Leaga Staff are remunerated, while active, in various ways as follows:

Premium Membership

  • VPs - Diamond membership, not including the Entry Bonus.
  • Corporate Directors - Platinum membership, not including the Entry Bonus.

Fees Share

  • The TDs earn 8% Share of all Tourneys Fees Pot.
  • The Ladder League Head Administrator (HA) earns 2% of all Matches, Challenges and Tourney Fees (5% for League Plus).
  • The Division League Head Administrator earns 5% of all Subscriptions paid.
  • The Division Period Administrator earns 5% of all Subscriptions paid.


  • The TDs may be awarded Performance or Activity bonuses by the HA, at the HA discretion.
  • The TDs may be awarded Milestone Bonuses by the HA , at the HA discretion.
  • The HAs achieving a total Fees Generated of 10,000 PIPs in a week will be getting a Growth Bonus of 2 Cents (Plus Leagues HAs will get 4 Cents) for every 1% increase over the average of the last 10 Weeks.

Leaga reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of this program or the benefits covered at any time without prior notice or authorization. The current rules will always be found on this page.

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