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Promote Your League Last Update: 4/16/2008

The objective of this Guide is to introduce you to the various ways and tools you can use to promote Leaga.

By promoting Leaga, you will achieve the following:
- Earn PIPs.
- Develop Leaga into a larger and more competitive gaming community.
- Help us stay online and improve our service for you.

Referral Program

  • Earn 50 PIPs for every new Member you refer, and who:
    - Registers in Leaga,
    - Uses an email not already used for another ID in Leaga,
    - Plays and wins at least 3 Matches in a Tourney.

Double the above Bonus (100 PIPs) if you are a Premium Member.

These Referral Bonuses are posted:
- At the beginning of each week for the whole previous period excluding the last 7 days.
- After validating the new Member. This bonus will not apply if the Member ID is purged for multiple IDs or any other violation.

  • Earn 10% of the paid subscription as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership.
    - This Premium Referral Bonus is added to your US$ balance, and will be available for drawing after 6 months.
    - In case another Member buys the Membership for the new Member, the Premium Referral Bonus goes to the buyer.
    - This Bonus does not apply on renewal or in case of buying yourself a Membership.

  • Your Referral Code (Link): www.leaga.com/?id=YourID

  • TDs: Please note that if the new Member uses your Tourney shorcut, e.g. www.leaga.com/go/301250, and registers as a Member, your ID will be considered the Referrer.

Tell a Friend about Leaga

  • Fill a small form, and your friend will receive an email introducing Leaga with your Referral Code (Link).

  • If your friend clicks on the Referral Link, and registers in Leaga, you will get the Referral Bonus as per the rules shown above.

Invite to Join Leaga

  • Spread out the word about Leaga!

  • Post your Referral Link in gaming forums, message boards, groups, clubs, game lobbies, and chat rooms, to invite new members to join Leaga.

  • Please NO excessive and mass spamming.

  • To avoid confusion in Game Rooms and Lobbies, please restrict the Join Announcement to one message at a time; don't post your link if another one is already posted. If a TD is Hosting, spamming the Link should be restricted to this TD.

  • Excessive spamming or abuse of this program will not be tolerated. Abusers will be penalized up to banning from Leaga.

Link to Us

  • Add a text link or a banner (with your Referral Code) to your website, your profile or to any other gaming website or search engine.

  • We have a wide variety of text links and banners that you can add to your website.

Reciprocal Links

  • Add your link to Leaga using our Exchange Links program.

Set Leaga as your default Home Page

  • For quick access to Leaga, set your browser Main Page using simple instructions.

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