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User Name (Your Leaga ID) Last Update: 8/8/2005

A unique User Name will identify each Leaga Member.

  • This Member User Name (ID) will be used to join any League at Leaga.

  • All PIPs and US$ balances and transactions for this User Name will be kept in the Member Account.

  • All statistics (matches results, tournament results, streaks, etc) for this User Name will be kept in the Playerís League Account.

Leaga User Name (ID) may not be shared by several persons, or transferred to anyone, or inherited.

Your Leaga User Name must match your Play Site (Yahoo!, Pogo) name exactly. If it does not match, you must:

  • Either acquire the Play Site ID to match your Leaga User Name;

  • Or change your Leaga ID to match your Play Site ID;

  • Or create a new User Name in Leaga that matches your current play site name.

For this reason, you should always acquire the play site name before creating a Leaga account to match.

If you cannot acquire the same ID in a new Play Site, it is advisable to try to acquire the same ID in all Play Sites then change your present Leaga ID to this new ID before joining a League in the new Play Site. Premium Members are allowed though to have a different User Name for each Play Site.

Any difference in IDs will be considered a different User Name (Example: balouza is considered as a different ID from _balouza and balouza1).

Currently there is issues with some IDs where people get a Yahoo! ID, from their ISP. There is no way to get into a Yahoo game room, without the @sbcglobal.net (for example) showing. The Admin team are currently investigating this, and untill it's resolved we will allow names as long as they match exactly upto the @.

Your User Name will be removed in the following cases:

  • If it contains profanity, sexual innuendo, or is offensive to others.

  • If it is judged abusive to another Member.

  • If it is found to be too similar to an existing Memberís. If you are a Premium Member, you will be offered to change your ID.

Leaga reserves the right to purge, remove, ban, or withdraw without notice, any Member proved to be violating the rules, including but not limited to:

  • Cheating.

  • Abuse of the system.

  • Exchanging password, or allowing others to use their ID, or using other Members IDs.

  • Being associated with a banned ID.

  • Attacking or trying to damage Leaga.

  • Harassment to other Members.

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