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Family Members and Housemates Last Update: 4/9/2007

Leaga recognizes that in many cases more than one family member (or two or more people who share a household or an office) may have a Leaga User Name on the same computer or at separate computers sharing networked Internet access. Also, sometimes people who work together or play out of Internet clubs and such may share network access. We welcome such extended participation, but certain rules must be adhered to:

  • Users sharing a single computer or network or IP address are not permitted to play or report a loss in a Ladder Match or a Challenge. Basically, this means that if, for instance, you log on to Leaga from a friend’s house; you cannot report to each other.

  • Family members or those sharing a household may not enter the same Tournament as Partners in a PS (Player Select). However, if they are not using the same computer or network or IP address, they may enter the same Tournament as Single Separate Players (1x1 or 1x3) or with other Partners (2x2), and might even be partnered in an SS (System Select) Tournament.

  • Each family member should have a separate Leaga ID. They may not share the same ID.  However, Leagues HAs, especially in paying Play Sites (Club Pogo, and Yahoo! All-Star) may allow exceptions in individual cases.

  • In this case, 2 active IDs might be using the same computer, and this requires them to notify VP Member Relations so they will not be considered as violating the above rule.

While we understand that such activity is usually innocent in nature, we nevertheless must be vigilant that individuals seeking an “edge” not be allowed to play multiple IDs off against each other to increase the chances of a tournament win or to advance illegally on the Ladder. Therefore, all players are expected to follow the above policy, and repeated violations will result in summary banning of ALL Members involved, whether they meet each other in the tourney or not.

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