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Email Address Last Update: 6/21/2005

All members are required to provide Leaga with a functional Email address, so we may contact them on any matter related to their Leaga Membership.

Leaga will not sell or rent Email addresses to anyone. We keep these addresses solely so that Leaga Administration can contact members when needed, and so that individual members may contact each other to arrange matches during Multi-Day tourneys.

Members are required to update their email whenever there is a change. It is to the Memberís advantage to keep his/her email updated because:

  • Otherwise s/he will not be able to request a lost password, as the password will be sent automatically to the email registered at Leaga.

  • S/he will not be able to receive any Admin communication, notifications of special events, or support messages.

The use of a false, inaccurate, or expired email address will result in:

  • For Guest Members, purging of the account without notice.

  • For Premium Members, if it is necessary to send a warning notice to any premium member and the notice is returned as undeliverable, this will result in an immediate freeze of the Member Account.

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