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Are there any restrictions on the Premium Membership Program? Last Update: 6/21/2005

  • Membership cannot be transferred. It is the Member's responsibility to make sure that his/her Leaga User Name matches their Play Site (Yahoo! or Pogo) name exactly. For this reason, you should always acquire the play site name before creating an Leaga account to match or buying a Premium Membership.

  • Guest or Premium Membership is not an insurance policy or protection from being kicked out in case of rules violation.

  • Leaga reserves the right to purge, remove, ban, or withdraw any Member not abiding by the rules including but not limited to cheating, abuse of the system, using the same computer or connection with a banned ID, and harassment to other Members. Leaga Management decisions are final.

  • In case a Member is purged for violating the rules, no refunds will be made, and the Member will lose all benefits and stats.

  • Leaga reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of this program or the benefits covered at any time without prior notice or authorization. The current rules will always be found on this page.

Caution: The solicitation of PIPs or Membership from other Leaga, whether in the lobbies, game tables, or by IM/Email, is expressly forbidden. This makes the Member being solicited very uncomfortable. Occasional, “joking” references will be overlooked.

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