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PIPs (Player Internet Points) Last Update: 9/15/2006

Leaga is happy to offer you rewards for your activity and your proficiency at Matches and Tournaments; you will have a visible and valuable marker of this.

See the next Help Topic to know How You Can Earn PIPs?

You can use PIPs to pay the fees required to join any Leaga Match, Challenge, or Tournament in any League.

All Members have access to their detailed PIPs Log at this site. The PIPs Transactions may be filtered:

  • By League
  • By Tourney ID (Division Period ID, Regular Tourney ID)
  • By Transaction Group (All, Matches, Challenges, Tourneys, Division, Hosting, and Other)
  • By Debit and Credit amounts (PIPs IN and OUT)

What are PIPs for?

What can all Members do with PIPs?

  • Pay the fees required to join Tournaments and play Matches and Challenges, to win more PIPs.
  • Buy for the Premium Membership for yourself or any of your friends. New!
  • Buy items from Leaga Store, to redeem PIPs for various products. To be announced soon.
  • Buy Raffle Tickets, to get the chance to win various products. To be announced soon.
  • Help friends who run out of PIPs by Refilling their Account with PIPs.
What can a TD do with PIPs?

In addition to the above, a TD can also:
  • Give bonuses in tourneys and through the Tourney system.
What can an Admin do with PIPs?

In addition to the above, a League Administrator can also:
  • Give TDs bonuses to finance special events and milestones.
  • Pay performance bonuses to TDs.
  • Pay incentives for League development purposes.

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