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How can I earn PIPs? Last Update: 1/22/2007

  • Every New Member in Leaga will receive FREE 500 PIPs upon registration.

  • Every time Members purchase a Premium Membership; they will receive an Entry Bonus of 500 to 4000 PIPs, depending on the Membership level.

  • Guest Members will get 2 PIPs for each Match Win, and 1 PIP for each Match Loss, including Matches played during Tourneys.

  • Premium Members will get 2 PIPs for each Match Win, and 1 PIP for each Match Loss, including Matches played during Tourneys, majored as follows:
    • Bronze X1 (2 - 1)
    • Silver X2 (4 - 2)
    • Gold X3 (6 - 3)
    • Platinum X4 (8 - 4)
    • Diamond X6 (12 - 6)

  • Top finishers in any Leaga hosted Tournament receive a % of the Tournament PIPs pot. All PIPs paid in entry fees are heaped into a pot, which is divided among the top finishers, the Tournament Director (TD) and the Administration.

  • Certain Tournaments will have Bonus PIPs added by the hosting TD. These Bonus PIPs will be clearly stated on the Tournament page. 100% of the bonus pot is returned to the top finishers.

  • You may earn PIPs in special Events announced from time to time. An example would be PIPs awarded to the highest participants in a Marathon Day.

  • Promote Leaga and earn PIPs: 100 PIPs for every friend who registers in Leaga and wins the first Tourney Match.

  • Become a Tournament Director (TD) and start earning PIPs on every Tourney you host.

  • Create your own League and earn PIPs share on every Tourney or Match played in your League.

  • Get your share of the Weekly Bonuses offered to all Leagues, Players and TDs for their Activity, check Help topic 1503.

Caution: The solicitation of PIPs or Membership from other Leaga, whether in the lobbies, game tables, or by IM/email, is expressly forbidden. This makes the Member being solicited very uncomfortable. Occasional, “joking” references will be overlooked.

What to do if I run out of PIPs?

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