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What to do if I run out of PIPs? Last Update: 6/30/2007

With some playing skills and a bit of luck you should not run out of PIPs. However, if this ever happens, you can do one of the following:

  • If you are a Guest or Premium Member, and you run out of PIPs (Maximum Balance of 100 PIPs); you may get extra PIPs FREE.

    You must use a Valid Email; an Email will be sent to you to confirm the Refill. To Validate your email, please visit My Account and Edit your Email Address.

    The number of allowed Free Refills and the Value of each Refill depend on the Membership Level as follows:

    • Guest 500 PIPs once.
    • Bronze 1000 PIPs once.
    • Silver and Gold 500 PIPs once every 3 months.
    • Platinum and Diamond (Subscriptions 3 Months and over) 1000 PIPs once every 3 months.

  • You may ask one of your friends who is a Gold Plus Premium Member to refill your account and Transfer to you some PIPs.

  • You may also purchase more PIPs using the balance in your US$ account at Leaga.

  • Re-register as a New Guest Member in Leaga, and receive FREE 500 PIPs. The new User Name (ID) must be different; you cannot use the same old name again unless this old name has been purged from Leaga. You have also to withdraw the old name before registering the new name, otherwise all names might be purged for Multiple IDs.

  • Buy a Premium Membership and earn 500 - 4000 PIPs immediately.

  • Join one of the higher Premium Memberships programs and have more PIPs automatically added to your account for Every Match Win or Loss.

  • If you are already a Premium Member, buy an additional Premium Membership or Upgrade to a higher Membership Status. If you are buying a Bronze Membership you will earn 3500 PIPs immediately.
How can I earn PIPs?

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