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PIPs Transfer Last Update: 2/19/2007

Gold Plus Premium Members will be able to help out Other Members who run out of <%=strThisSiteCur%>by Transferring <%=strThisSiteCur%>to these Members according to the following conditions:
  • Only Gold Plus Premium Members may do <%=strThisSiteCur%>transfer to other Members.

  • The Premium Member should have a minimum <%=strThisSiteCur%>balance of 5,000 <%=strThisSiteCur%>.

  • The Maximum Transfer Transaction amount is 1000 <%=strThisSiteCur%>.

  • Your account will be charged with an additional 5% as Transfer Charges.

  • There is no limit to the number of Transfers a Premium Member can make as long as the Total of Transfers does not exceed 2000 PIPs per month, and the above conditions are met.

  • Transfers, once made, cannot be reversed.

Caution: The solicitation of Refills from other Members, whether in the lobbies, game tables, or by IM/Email, is expressly forbidden. This makes the Member being solicited very uncomfortable.

To make PIPs Transfers

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