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US $ Accounts Last Update: 3/10/2009

Each Member will have a US $ Account kept in his/her Leaga User Name.

  • Members will get 10% of the paid subscription as soon as a Referred Member buys a Premium Membership. This Premium Referral Bonus is added to the Referrer US$ balance, and will be available for drawing after 6 months.

  • HAs (Head Administrators) achieving a total Fees Generated of 10,000 PIPs in a week will be getting 2 Cents for every 1% increase over the average of the last 10 Weeks. Plus Leagues HAs will get 4 cents. This Weekly Growth Bonus is added to the HA US$ balance, and will be available for drawing immediately.

A Member may also Deposit Cash in this account, to achieve a balance to be used to buy subscriptions,  using one of the following methods:

  • PayPal: Cash and Credit Card payments, available to residents in the USA and few other Countries in the world.

    Payments to be made to leaga.com@gmail.com.

    Payments will be processed manually within one working day from receiving the PayPal email notification for the Completed Transaction. A 5% Processing and Financial Charges (Minimum $1) will be deducted from your account for each payment.

  • Western Union: Having branches in over 195 Countries all over the world. Payment will be processed manually within one working day from receiving the Transfer.

    Make Transfer payable to:

Jocelyne Polycarpou
Cyprus (Euro)

After sending the Western Union payment, please email us the payment details at finance@eliters.com:

  • Western Union Control Number.
  • Sender Name.
  • City and Country of Sender.
  • Your Leaga ID.
  • The US $ Account balance can only be used as follows:

    • To pay Premium Membership Subscription for the Member or any friend.
    • To buy PIPs.

  • No Transfers between Members' Accounts will be allowed, however, you can use your US$ Account Balance to pay for another Member's Premium Membership.

  • Should your Member ID be purged, removed or withdrawn for any reason, except cheating of any sort or grave misconduct, you will not lose your US$ account.

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