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Division Ranking Last Update: 2/25/2008

Leaga Division System is very simple; League Players are ranked in Divisions from A to Z, 10 Players in each Division, where Division A Players are the Top 10.

Players will be able to join a Division League by registering for 6 months (12 Periods) at a time.

  • In the initial Division Play Period (Period 1) of a given League, Divisional assignments will be in order of joining.
    • 001 010 Division A
    • 011 020 Division B
    • 021 030 Division C
    • .
    • 231 240 Division X
    • 241 250 Division Y
    • 251 999 Division Z

  • Once the first Division Period has been run in the League, Divisional assignments will be in the following sequence:
  1. All Registered Players continuing from the previous Period.
  2. All former Divisional Players re-Joining the League.
  3. All first-time League Players.
  • Players will move between Divisions based on their performances at the completion of the current Period (i.e. once every 13 days).

    • In each Division except Division A and Z Division, movement will be as follows: the top 3 Players will move up to the next higher Division, the bottom 3 Players will move down to the next lower Division, and the remaining 4 Players will stay in the same Division.
      • In Division A, 7 Players will remain and 3 will move down.
      • In Z Division 3 Players will move up and the rest will stay where they are.

    • Players who did not re-register for the next Period will be dropped from the Divisions List, and the List will be compressed to have 10 Players assigned to the Divisions A to Y, and if there are over 250 Players, the rest will be assigned to Division Z.

  • Re-entering Players (Players who previously participated in EDS but did not register in the last Period) are given "seeding precedence" in the bottom Divisions based on their ranking when they withdrew. These re-entering Players will be ranked and assigned into the open slots in the lowest Divisions in order of the Divisional Ranking they had last achieved.

    In case of ties within this category, Ranking will be assigned based on the order of registration in the upcoming period.

  • New (First Time) Divisional Players will be ranked and assigned into the open slots in the lowest Divisions in order of registration.

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