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League Forum Last Update: 7/10/2005

Leaga has made available for its members a Forum for each individual League. Thes Forums are official Leaga pages and they are governed by certain rules that are consistent with broader Leaga Policy and will be strictly enforced.

The Primary purpose of these Forums is to dispense information and to discuss League-related issues as objectively as possible. A secondary role for the Forums is to serve as a “gathering place” and help foster a closer-knit Leaga Community. Unfortunately, these two roles often come into conflict with each other: if the Forums are flooded with irrelevant chitchat then the “important” messages can easily be overlooked.

Leaga has provided very powerful tools for posting to and navigating Leaga Forums:  
  • A message list showing the Message number, the subject, the author, and date.
  • You may post messages with one click, the message will show your ID, and if it is a reply to another message the author and number of this message.
  • You can delete the message after posting it, and type a new one.
  • You can search for any message using the Message Number.
  • You can search all messages for a Keyword or Multiple Keywords.
  • You can see a list of all or direct replies to the message.

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