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Forum Rules Last Update: 7/10/2005

We encourage free and open discussion of any and all League-related issues, and we welcome “social” communication up to a point, as long as the following rules are observed:

  • Forums are read by all Members of all ages, races, and religions, so make sure the messages are within civility standards and do not hurt anyone.

  • Try to be positive, objective, and constructive in all what you post. Never attack any other Member or Leaga Site or Admin, or even a competitor site.

  • Regardless of whether or not a particular post “technically” adheres to the Forum Posts Deletions Rules, it (and its thread) may be removed by the League administration at their own discretion.

    This will primarily happen for one of two reasons: the posts involved meet the rules technically but carry a negative undercurrent nevertheless (in other words, they are designed to circumvent the rules), or the thread involved is of no consequence whatsoever and is taking up so much space so fast that important messages are getting buried (in other words, when Members kick up their heels and have a “silly season” in the Forum, we will “smile for a while” and then will say “enough is enough” and wipe it all out).

  • Non-conforming posts will be deleted, without explanation or prior notice.

    The League Administrators have the full authority at their own discretion, to delete or keep any message.

    The League Administrators are not under any obligation to give any prior notice or to justify why a message was deleted or retained.

    Repeated violations of these policies by any individual may result in the individual responsible being purged from the League or banned from Leaga.

For examples of specific types of unacceptable posts, see next Help Topic Categories of Unacceptable Forums Posts.

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