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Categories of Unacceptable Forum Posts Last Update: 7/10/2005

While Leaga reserves the right to delete any post or thread, the following categories encompass at least 99% of all deleted posts:

  • Posts containing profanity and/or lewd or suggestive language.

    We are not going to delete posts because somebody says “damn”, but we will not allow vile and offensive displays of gutter language.

  • Posts containing negative comments regarding specific individuals or groups.

    There are always at least two sides to an issue, and no reader of any post can be assumed to be acquainted with the intricacies of the issues raised.

    For this reason, civility alone dictates that there be no “finger-pointing”. If you have a problem with a TD, you should write to the League’s HA. At no time should such issues be aired in a public forum, it is unfair to those accused and disruptive of our goals as a League, which include attempting to resolve all disputes as fairly and unemotionally as possible.

    On the other hand, we will have to delete all posts defending other Members or trying to counter an attack on another individual. While we understand that it can be frustrating to see accusations of misbehaviour directed at friends you believe to be honourable. The Forums cannot be used for the defense of individuals, because it is inconsistent with the rule that we cannot attack individuals. Also, it is our experience that such defenses frequently backfire by further publicizing the accusation itself.

  • Posts announcing or spamming non-League related/sponsored activities (especially other non-Leaga Game sites, Leagues or Clubs).

    The spamming/promotion rule is a very pragmatic one; please cooperate with us on this. At a practical level, we cannot be responsible for researching and verifying all claims or promises made in this League-sponsored Forum. For this reason, we simply will not allow any such promotion across the board. From time to time exceptions will be made, but only upon PRIOR application to League Administrator for such exception.

  • Posts announcing or spamming non-League sponsored sites or software.

    Some of these sites and the links they contain, and some of the software programs, especially free ones, may be very dangerous, as they may contain viruses or be used to acquire your Leaga and Play Site passwords. We cannot be responsible for testing, researching and verifying all these sites and software. For this reason, and to protect our Members, we simply will not allow any such announcements across the board.

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