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Enforcement of Rules Last Update: 7/10/2005

It is in the best interests of all Leaga, staff and players alike, that we have consistent and logical enforcement of all rules.

Accordingly, we have defined around 40 different categories of rules violations, ranging from such inadvertent problems as No Show in tourneys up to actual, verifiable cheating by players. For each category we have specified a series of enforcement actions that should be undertaken by the League Administrators and/or Corporate Management.

The ultimate penalty for any repeated violation of Leaga policies and rules would be the termination of the Member's account. However, the system provides several notification levels before this happens, beginning with just a "Note on File" and progressing through "Tourney Disqualification", "Final Warning", and various amounts of time in the "Penalty Box", to outright termination "Purge" of account in extreme cases.

Penalties imposed by TDs during tourneys

Note on file
Verbal warning
Time out

Penalties imposed by the League Administrator

Penalty box League 3 Days
Penalty box League 7 Days
Penalty box League 14 Days
Kick from League

A player in the League penalty box will be barred from registering in any tournaments hosted by that particular League, but will still be able to participate in tournaments in other Leaga Leagues.

Penalties imposed by the VP Members

1st warning
2nd warning
3rd warning
Final warning
Purge from Leaga
Ban ID
Ban user

Guest Members may not be sent any warnings, depending on the gravity of the violation; they might be subjected to the higher penalty on the first occurrence.

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