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List of Violations Last Update: 7/11/2005

A complete list of violations follows. Please note that not all violations will use the full range of warnings/penalty boxes. Actual enforcement is at the discretion of the League Administrator and the VP Members, and will depend upon the severity and frequency of violations.

Harassed Players - Arguing or Fighting in Lobby
Harassed Players - Cussed Opponent during Game
Harassed Players - Disrupted Other Players
Harassed Players - Publicly Accused Others
Harassed Players - Sent Disruptive IMs
Harassed Players - Used Foul Language
Harassed TD - Attacked TD or other Staff
Harassed TD - Booted TD from Table
Harassed TD - Complaints and Argument in Lobby
Harassed TD - Disputed TD Ruling in Lobby
Harassed TD - Disrupted TD Performing his Job
User Name - Does Not Match Play Site
User Name - Used 2 Play Site IDs
User Name - Similar ID to Another Player
Tourney Play - Abused Leaga Messenger
Tourney Play - Late Arrival
Tourney Play - No Show
Tourney Play - Broke Game-Specific Rules
Tourney Play - Suspicious Playing Patern 
Tourney Play - Kibitzed
Tourney Play - Forced Forfeit
Tourney Play - Intentionally Lost
Tourney Play - Claimed False Win
Tourney Play - Failed to Finish 3rd Game of RR
Tourney Play - Left before Game was over
Tourney Play - Didn't Report Loss
Slow Play - Not Accepting Invites
Slow Play - Lagging/Freezing
Slow Play - Repeated Disconnections
Slow Play - Intentional Delay
Membership - Excessive Multiple IDs
Membership - Use of Inappropriate User name
Membership - Wrong e-mail
Membership - Posted negative Forum Message
Membership - Attacked other Players in Forum
Membership - Attacked Leaga Admin in Forum
Membership - Solicitation of PIPs or Membership
Membership - Responded Inappropriately to League Email
Membership - Tried to Hack or Hurt Legue or Leaga

NB: Records of violations are only kept current and active for 3 months. In other words, no Leaga member who has occasional, widely spaced infractions of League rules has any reason to fear any enforcement more severe than a warning letter.

Leaga will never tolerate any actions aiming at the destruction of Leaga activity or jeopardizing its performance intentionally or unintentionally.

It is strictly forbidden to be a staff member of any other league competing with Leaga; any staff; being an Admin or TD found to be helping or assisting or associated in any other competing league in any capacity, will be banned immediately from Leaga without notice.

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