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Challenges (Head to Head) Last Update: 7/10/2005

  • Challenges are Head to Head (1x1) Matches played by 2 Players, by prearrangement. They serve the purpose of individual challenges for Rank improvement, or as a way to play a higher stake Match, or to fill the time while waiting for a scheduled tournament to start.

  • Any Premium Member may challenge another Premium Member either in the lobby or through IM, or any 2 Premium Members  may agree to have a match any time.

  • The Players decide the Match Points and other settings, and the Challenge PIPs. The Challenge should be for one Match and not 2 out of 3.

  • Challenge Fees will be a minimum of 50 PIPs and a maximum of 500 PIPs.

  • A Player may not play in a Challenge for more than one fourth of the PIPs in his/her account. Example: A Player having 350 PIPs balance may not play in a 100 PIPs Challenge.

  • A Player may not have more than 3 opened Challenges at any specific time.

  • The Losing Player should report the Match Loss within 24 hours, otherwise will be subject to penalties.

  • The Winner will get 90% of the total Challenge PIPs fees pot.

  • Each party to the Challenge will see the details of the Challenge Listed on his/her “MyActivity” in the main menu or at: http://www.leaga.com/main/mytourneys.asp

  • The Challenge will remain valid for 24 hours and it will be cancelled automatically thereafter if not accepted by the challenged Player.

  • The Matches stats, PIPs Log, and/or US $ Account for all Parties will be updated with the Challenge results.

  • Any abuse of the Challenge system will not be tolerated. This includes harassing other players, giving free wins, cheating, not reporting Losses, transferring PIPs illegally etc.

  • Leaga reserves the right to penalize, purge, remove, ban, or withdraw any Member not abiding by the above rules. Leaga Management decisions are final.

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