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Tourney General Rules Last Update: 7/10/2005

  • Players are responsible for familiarizing themselves with both the Game being played, and the Play Site where it is played. If a player has any problems with the Play Site (Yahoo!, Pogo, GameColony), s/he should deal with the support team for that Site.

  • Players are expected to be on time and ready to play at the beginning of a tourney. Tardiness hinders the timely completion of tourneys and is unfair to other players. Please show respect for the league and its players by arriving a little early for every tourney.

  • Leaga has a "same name" rule: your Leaga name and your Play Site name must be identical. The TD (Tourney Director) has the right to make a rare exception to this rule, if a player is unable to get back to the Play Site using his registered name after a boot, or where New Members have joined and enter their 1st tourney under wrong name. Otherwise, you must play under the name in which you are registered at Leaga.

  • Players are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner and treat all others with respect. Failure to do so is cause for disqualification from a Tourney. Repeated unacceptable behavior is cause for removal from the League. Obscene language, aggressive trash-talking, and taunting or denigration of other players are examples of unacceptable behavior.

  • Tourney tables must be “protected”. Private tables are not permitted in Leaga tourney play. This is so the TD can provide support if necessary. Failure to change status from "private" to "protected" when requested by the TD will result in disqualification of the table host. If another player is harassing a table, the TD may permit it to be made private and will remain at the table to monitor the match.

  • In Leaga RR where the TD does all the reporting, it is mandatory that the losing player reports the loss via Leaga Messenger. In 1x3 Tourneys, is required that the maker of the table invites the TD at the beginning of the match. Also, exceptionally, in some Leagues there is a specific rule in certain games that the players should invite the TD to check the outcome in Unrated matches; but this should be at the end of match and not for the whole tourney.

  • Discussion of strategy in Team Tourneys, publicly or by IM, during the play of a match, is grounds for disqualification from the tournament. It is perfectly acceptable to discuss strategy before the tourney or between rounds, but all such discussion should end once the match is in progress.

  • If you have any problem, invite the TD to your table, by posting a request on Leaga Messenger, by IM, or simply using room invites. Never air grievances either in the lobby or on Leaga Messenger.

  • Substitutes are permitted in Leaga Team tourneys (2x2) with certain conditions (see Substitution Program).

  • Leaga uses a 10-minute "Delay Clock" for most tourneys. See Topics 3113 to 2105 - Time Out.

  • Forced Forfeits (FF); are never allowed in Leaga without specific instructions from the TD. If your opponent is booted and the forfeit screen comes up, always use the “wait” option. If you FF and your opponent returns within the clock limit, you will be disqualified. If your opponent is timed out, the TD will request either the FF or a cancellation, depending upon how far advanced the match was, and upon its likely result had it been completed.

  • Decisions and rulings of TDs are FINAL and not open to debate.

  • Reporting ... In all cases the losing opponent must report the match result (see Reporting Matches Results)

  • Be honest and fair in all that you do: that’s the most fun of all!

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