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Slow Play Last Update: 7/4/2004

Pace of play is the key element in keeping tournaments enjoyable for all. When one bracket of a tournament stalls, which can happen for any of a number of reasons, all players feel the effect and the frustration can be immense. Some causes of slow play are outside the player's control, such as a slow connection. Others are very controllable: pace of play is often an individual decision — in particular, playing in more than one tourney at the same time, though not recommended, carries with it an absolute obligation to keep pace in both tourneys, at the risk of DQ from either or both.
  • Regardless of the reason, we cannot tolerate slow play in tournament matches, and TDs are empowered to intervene in lagging matches and award the match to the player who is not at fault, or to the player in the lead if nobody is at fault.

  • Please note, that a senior or disabled player may have a slower then normal pace of play. This is NOT to be considered slow play, and we would appreciate it if you bear with us in such situations and be considerate to our senior and disabled Leaga.

  • Any player who feels victimized by slow play, lagging connection, excessive conversation, or any other such hampering of timely play by his opponent should call the TD to the table, on IM, in lobby, or via Leaga Messenger, and ask for intervention. The TD will observe and, if necessary, issue a slow play warning to the player at fault. If the pace is not immediately picked up and sustained, the TD has the sole discretion to award the match to the player not at fault. If the stalled match is in a Team Tourney and only one of the players on a team is at fault, the TD will attempt to locate and seat a substitute for that player.

  • The TD also has the power to intervene on his/her own in matches that have clearly stalled a bracket of the tournament, whether or not a player requests such intervention. Typically this will be done when a match is one full round behind the other matches in its bracket. In other words, if you are still on round 1, say, and the rest the bracket has moved to round 3, your match may, and probably will, be called by the TD. In such a case, the match will be awarded to the leader if it cannot be determined that the slow play is the fault of either player (i.e. both players lagging, or “just one of those matches” that refuses to end).

  • In either case, the TD’s decision is final and irrevocable. Our primary goal is to keep tourneys moving smoothly and on schedule, anything else is unfair to the players in the tourney.

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