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Spectators Last Update: 7/10/2005

Subject to the following qualifications, spectators are allowed at tournament tables. Kibitzing* is strictly prohibited. Table settings should have the "Allow Kibitz" box unchecked, where applicable.

  • Spectators should never speak at a tournament table after the match has begun, unless specifically addressed by a competitor. In particular, it is not necessary to ask for “permission” to watch; this is very distracting.


    • The hosting TD may speak at any table, as needed.

    • In certain special events, such as BOS tourneys, where a final match is held between winners of 2 separate tourneys, there is a “tradition” of lively banter among spectators. This is acceptable, but ONLY if the competitors themselves say it is OK with them. If any competitor asks for silence, the request MUST be honored.

  • If any player in the match objects to the presence of any spectator, s/he must leave the table on request; no explanation necessary. Spectators that refuse to leave upon request may be booted, but the boot must always be preceded by a polite request.


    • The hosting TD and the HA and AA of the hosting league are always allowed to attend at any game; they may not be booted.

    • If a spectator tries to kibitz, s/he should be booted immediately; no request is needed.

* Kibitz is a feature of most card games, dominoes, and such, where a spectator may view the hands of the contestants. When a player uncheck it at the table, his/her hand may not be viewed.

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