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Substitution Program Last Update: 7/10/2005

The Substitution Program is an attempt to alleviate Players being penalized when a partner does not show or gets booted. It provides a semi-automated way to allow Subs in partner tourneys so that a Player is not penalized for his partner being a no show at start of tourney or gets booted during a tourney.

Sub Available List

It is highly recommended that TDs prepare a "Sub Available List" when tourney starts so that if the need arises a Sub may be found in plenty of time.

  • Any Player not able to participate because tourney was fully booked or any Player who is withdrawn from tourney because of no partner, will be automatically placed on the Sub Available List kept by the TD, and will be given priority in the selection of Subs.

  • Any additional Players willing to Sub should ask the TD to be added to the Sub Available List.

  • If no Players are registered on the Sub Available List when it appears a Sub will be needed, the TD will solicit subs at Game Site. The TD will use the first Player to respond as the Sub. If no one available at Game Site, then TD can utilize messenger to solicit Subs as well.

  • The Player who is in need of a Sub for their team does not have a choice of which the Sub will be. This is determined by the order of registration on the Sub Availability List kept by the TD.

Substitution Procedures

  • If a Player is a no show for tourney or gets booted, TD will start the process of attempting to find a Sub, or alert the first person on Sub Available List, when the time out clock reaches 5 minutes. The goal is to have a Sub available at the game table and ready to play by the 8-minute mark on the time out clock.

  • If Player is not back when the time out clock reaches 10 minutes and a Sub is available, then the Sub will sit at that time. A short delay (a minute or two) is acceptable in seating the Sub, as long as the Sub has been FOUND by the 10 minute point.

  • If a Sub is not found by the 10 minute point, the team with player missing is Timed Out.

  • Once a Sub is seated, the team consisting of the original Player and the Sub is considered a "new" team, and this team has a 5-minute clock available to it for the remainder of the tournament.

  • When a Sub has been seated s/he continues the match from wherever it was left off.
    • If the Sub's team loses the match, the Sub is never officially entered in the Tourney by the TD and the loss will be charged to the original team. At no time will the original Player be refunded their entry fee. The intention of the rule is simple: We don't want the Sub to bear the burden of being charged with a loss when s/he entered a match in a hopeless position. And this is frequently when you need a Sub, if a player has left in anger or disgust.

    • If the Sub's team wins, the TD will officially enter the Sub on the tourney page before reporting the match, and from this point on all tourney stats, including Matches Win/Loss, Tourney Played/Victory, and PIPs won, will be recorded for the "new" team of original remaining Player and the Sub.

  • In a Double Elimination (DE), Super Robin (SR), or Round Robin (RR), even if the first match played by the Sub is lost, the Sub will replace the original Player in the Leaga Tourney Standings for all matches following this first one.

  • Once a Sub sits and fills in for a Player, s/he will remain the active Player for the remainder of that tourney. The original Player may not rejoin the team once Sub is accepted.

  • No more than one Sub per team is allowed per tournament. If the "new" team uses its 5-minute clock, it is timed out.

Further Information

  • At no time does Leaga guarantee a Sub will be found.

  • At no time will the original Player be refunded their entry fee.
Who can Substitute?
  • The TD hosting the tourney and Players already participating in the tourney, even if they were eliminated, may never substitute.

  • A Player who was seated as a Sub and lost in that match (thus never officially entered into the tourney) may be returned to the Sub Available List, at the bottom.

  • Any Premium Member may substitute in any Tourney.

  • Guest Members may only sub in a tourney of 25 PIPs or less.

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