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Messenger Last Update: 7/11/2005

The Leaga Messenger aims at providing a very powerful tool for Players/TDs communication during Leaga Tourneys.

  • The Leaga Messenger is a 2-way communication tool between TDs and Tourney Players.

  • Will have a specific session for each Tourney from Start to Finish.

  • Will be accessible to:

    • Hosting TD through the Tourney Admin page
    • Tourney Players through the Tourney page
    • Senior TDs and League Admin through the Tourney Admin page, while covering for the Tourney or monitoring Tourney advancement.

  • The Leaga Messenger is not intended to replace the Play Room Lobby or other Messengers, or to be used for social chat. TDs and Players should continue to use the lobbies and messenger for spamming and socializing.

  • The Leaga Messenger is a great tool to stay away from the lobbies, especially when there are other Leagues or non-Leaga harassing Leaga, or when the lobby is crowded with chat that hides the important announcements related to Tourney business.

  • The use of Leaga Messenger should be restricted to purely Tourney related matters, Including but not limited to:

    • Requesting Timer, controlling time, and announcing Time Out.
    • Calling TD to table.
    • Reporting loss in Tourneys where TD is reporting (RR, 1x3)
    • Communicating when the Play site is down.
    • Communicating when the Player or TD is booted or timed out.
    • Players in Multi-Days Tourneys (Weekly) will be able to set and arrange matches with opponents.

  • Harassment of TDs or other Players, use of foul language, or fights on Leaga Messenger are strictly forbidden.

  • The TD has the right to mute any Player or Team violating these rules or using the Messenger for other than the intended purposes.

  • Any violation of the above rules will not be tolerated, and abusers of the Leaga Messenger will be penalized.

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