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Effective Leaga Emails Last Update: 7/11/2005

Emails are a great tool of communication if used properly, here are some Tips to make sure that your emails achieve their objectives:

  • Don’t send the email to everybody on your mailing list; Just send the email TO the person you want him/her to reply or to take action.
  • Use the Leaga “Contact Us” page as maximum as possible.
  • If you are not sure of the person you should address the email to, send it to the League HA. Sending the email directly to the corporate staff or the President will not give it more attention.
  • The lower the number of recipient the more success in achieving results and action. People usually ignore messages addressed to multiple recipients, also spam killer software may consider your email as a bulk email and sends it to Trash.
  • Before you click “Send” make sure that the person you are addressing the message to is the correct one and nobody else.
  • Use the CC for the recipients you think they should know about your message (for information only), and no action is expected from them.
  • Don’t CC a person unless it is extremely necessary that s/he knows about the subject.
  • Use BCC in case you want other recipients not to know that you sent a copy to this person.
  • Don’t forget to have the subject line filled; so many people and spam killer software will ignore messages with no subject.
  • Have the Subject very clear and represent accurately the summary of the message.
  • Never use hello, or hi, or have a question, or please read, etc. some spam killers may kill your message and never delivers it, also you may risk the recipient ignoring it.
  • Always make sure the attachments you refer to in your email are included with the email.
  • Make sure that you are having the correct attachment.
  • Try to reduce the size of your attachments using zipping, and .GIF or .JPG images; some people have a very limited email box size.
Message Body:
  • Always reply at the top of the received message.
  • Always have the message you are replying to in the body of your reply, let your message contain a full sequence of communications on the matter. People usually do not keep copies of previous emails, and may forget about what has been said in previous correspondence.
  • Cover one single subject or issue per email message, having multiple ideas, or requests, or questions, may lead the recipient to ignore or forget one or more of these issues.
  • Never use long sentences, or one long message with no Periods or commas.
  • Try to use numbered paragraphs or bullets as maximum as you can.
  • Include complete and accurate information on the matters you are covering (your exact ID, tourney number, etc); don’t expect the recipient to be a clairvoyant and know what you are talking about.

Finally make sure the computer date and time are correct, having the wrong date will position your email in the wrong sequence and might be ignored.

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