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Tournament Types Summary Last Update: 4/4/2010

Click here for a complete list of all authorized Tournament Types.

Tournament Format

  • SE - Single Elimination
  • S4 - Single Elimination 1x3 4P
  • Q4 - Quick Tourneys for 4 Players in Partners and 1x3 leagues 
  • DE - Double Elimination
  • RR - Round Robin
  • SR - Super Robin
  • SW - Swiss
  • SW-T - True Swiss
  • AA - Against All
Teams Structure
  • 1x1 - 1 Player against 1 Player.
  • 2x2 - Partners Tournament 2 Players against 2 Players.
  • 1x3 - 1 Player against 3 Players.
  • 1xN - 1 Player against Many Players. 
Table Setting
  • 2P - 2 Players competing at table, valid for 1x1 and 2x2 Teams Structures.
  • 4P - 4 Players competing at table, valid only for 1x3 and 2x2 Teams Structures.
  • MP - Many Players competing in one Game.  
Teams Selection in Partner tournaments (2x2)
  • SS - System Select; Is the default option. When this option is used, players sign up as individuals, and when the tourney is closed the system will assign teams.
  • PS - Player Select; When this option is used, a player (The Team Captain) creates a team and another player joins by using the correct password.
  • Day - Tournament to finish in same day.
  • Week - High points Tournaments played over several days, valid only in Leagues Plus. 
  • All - All Members are eligible to register including Guest Members (Tourneys up to 25 PIPs Fees).
  • Premium - All Premium Members are eligible to register (Tourneys above 25 PIPs Fees).
  • TOC - For the Tournaments winners of the previous month. Restricted to Premium Members only.
  • Invitation - Restricted to Players selected based on a certain criteria (winners of a series of tourneys, Live tourneys), valid only in Leagues Plus.
  • Marathon - A full day of tourneys available to all Members (Premium and Guests). 
  • BOS - Winners of e Battle of Sexes Tourneys (BOS-M & BOS-F) will play for bragging rights, available to all Members (Premium and Guests).

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