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Quick for 4 (Q4) Last Update: 12/2/2006

A variation of Single Elimination format called Quick for 4 (Q4), where 4 players may play a quick tourney in one Match.
  • Q4 is available for only 4 Players in 1x3 and 2x2 teams structure tourneys.

  • Q4 Tourneys will comprise of exactly 4 Players, grouped in teams of 2 Players in 2x2 Games, and in 1 against 3 in 1x3 Games.

  • The Tourney will consist of only 1 Round.

  • Players will be assigned a seed based on their Rating or on Random basis at the beginning of this specific tourney.

  • Players/Teams are paired based on their seed in this specific tourney according to a predetermined seat allocation.

  • The Prize is “winner take all”: the entire payout (80% of the pot) goes to winning Player in 1x3 and the winning Team in 2x2.

  • Players will report as usual in 2x2 Tourneys, and the TD will report in 1x3 Tourneys (Winner needs to announce win on LM).

  • All matches wins and losses will be posted as soon as reported to the Player’s match won/lost stats.

  • Tourney played will count as 1/2 tourney and will be posted on finishing the tourney to Player's tourney stats, although will not show until an integer number is achieved (2 Q4s).
  • The winner in a Q4 will be awarded a 1/2 Victory in tourney stats; this is not enough to qualify to participate in TOC.

Q4 is very similar to the Mini Tourneys, with the following differences:

  • They are always in the SS format.

  • SE, S4, and SR Tourneys with SS Format, requiring 8 Players minimum, might be converted to Q4, so preventing cancellation.

  • Fees could start from 25 PIPs.

  • The Tourney will count as Half Touney on all Players.

  • The Winner will get half a Tourney Victory.

Conversion of SE, S4, and SR to Q4

In 2x2 and 1x3 Tourneys, if the number of Registered Players at start time is less than 6, the TD shall have the option to convert the Tourney to Q4:

  • If only 4 players are registered at the start time, and no other tourneys look like finishing within 5 minutes or so, the TD will convert the tourney to Q4.

  • If there are 5 or more players registered, the TD will wait 10 minutes before converting to Q4.

  • While waiting, if players withdraw, leaving only 4 registered players, then the TD will convert the tourney to Q4.

Any extra Players (above 4) will be withdrawn automatically by the system based on Registration Sequence.

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