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Round Robin (RR) Last Update: 7/11/2005

In the Round Robin format. every player plays every other player at least once.

Round Robin format is available for 1x1 and 2x2 teams structure tourneys (1 Player against 1 Player and Partner tourneys).

Round Robin tournaments will comprise exactly 4 players or teams. The tournament may be started as soon as 4 players/teams have registered, and are ready to play.

The tournament will consist of 1 or 2 rounds, depending on the results of round 1.

  • In round 1, each player/ team plays each other player/team once, for a total of 6 matches (3 per player or team).

  • If one player/team wins all 3 matches, the tournament is over and that player/team is the winner.

  • If no player/team is undefeated in round 1, all players/teams with a 2-1 record advance to round 2. (There will be either 2 or 3 players/teams with 2-1 records, if no player/team is undefeated in round 1).

  • Please note that although you may have played 2 matches and lost 2, (thus meaning you cannot win the Tournament) the only situation where you will be allowed to concede defeat in the final game will be where the outcome of your 3rd match will not affect the outcome of the Tourney.

    In 2x2 games, you will only be allowed to concede defeats if all above conditions are met and your partner agrees with the concession.

  • If round 2 consist of 2 players/teams, a single match will be played and the winner wins the tournament.

  • If round 2 consist of 3 players/teams, a total of 3 matches will be played, with each player/team facing each other player/team once. Each player/team plays 2 matches in this case.

    If it is certain that round 2 will be at least a 2 way playoff, and two players/teams are sitting around waiting for the others to finish, it is acceptable for the TD to start the two teams waiting. Therefore, playoff matches may be played in any sequence, but preferably as they show on the Pairings Chart.

    If one of the players/teams wins both of its matches in round 2, this player/team is the winner. If no player/team wins both its matches, there will be a 3-way tie at 1-1, and no winner will be declared.

Round Robin format is also available for 1x3 team structure tourneys (1 Player against 3 Players).

  • Round Robin tournaments will comprise exactly 4 players.

  • The tournament will consist of 2 to 5 Matches.

  • As soon as a player wins 2 matches, the tournament is over and that player is the winner.

All matches wins and losses will be posted as soon as reported to Players' matches won/lost stats.

Tourney played will count as 1 tourney and will be posted on finishing the tourney to Player's tourney stats. A win in a Round Robin will be posted as 1 Victory in tourney stats. In the event of a 3-way tie, each tie-winner will get half (0.5) a Victory added to his/her tourney stats.

As in all Leaga tournaments, 80% of the PIPs pot is paid back to the players. However, the Round Robin format is “winner take all”: that is to say, the entire payout (80% of the pot) goes to winning player or team. If there is a 3-way tie (as described above), the 3 tied players will each receive one third of the payout, thereby recovering a bit more than their PIPs entry fees.

Round Robin tournaments cannot carry a Bonus.

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