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Partners Tournaments (2x2) Last Update: 7/11/2005

Partners (Team) Tournaments may be played in Single Player Games (Backgammon, Pool) and Team Players Games (Euchre, Spades).

Team Players Games are usually played using a single Style "Crossing Partners Tourney" where the 4 Players (2 Teams) sit at the same table, Partners facing each other, and the scores are calculated cumulatively for the Team.

Single Player Games may be played in Teams according to one of the following styles:

Standard Team Tourney

  • Each team member plays one Match with a member of the other team. Matches are played simultaneously, on 2 different tables; any pairings are acceptable.
  • Matches are played until one of the players achieve the points specified for the round.
  • Please call the TD to verify the match result before closing the table.
  • Tables should not be closed nor games forfeited or cancelled before the TD verifies and takes note of result.
  • In Backgammon, Pool, and other similar Games; if each team wins 1 match, a tiebreaker is played among the winning members of both teams, the winning team in this tiebreaker match advances.
  • In Card Games and Dominoes, the TD will add the final score, at both tables, for each team. The team with the highest cumulative score wins the match.

Tag Team Tourney

  • All 4 players play at one table, with the table settings as defined by the Tourney rules.
  • Team Captains (Player A) start the game playing each other.
  • The players alternate in the match as follows: the losing player in each hand/game stands, and his/her partner sits to continue play.
  • Players continue to alternate in this manner until one team wins the match.
  • It is theoretically possible for one player to stay seated for the entire match, if the other team never scores.
  • Tables for team tourneys must be unrated.
  • Please call the TD to verify the match result before closing the table.

Crossing Partners Tourney

  • The 4 Players (2 Teams) sit at the same table. Partners should sit opposite to each other.
  • Depending on how the scores are kept, the winning Team advances as follows:
    • If the score is kept separately for each Player (like in Hearts), one of the players wins the game and the Team advances (the 2 Partners), and the Losing Team Captain reports to tourney page.
    • If the score is kept cumulatively for the Team (like in Canasta and Cribbage), the Team reaching first the set total score, according to the tourney rules, advances, and the Losing Team Captain reports to tourney page.

In Team Tournaments, there have been occasional instances of abuse when "new" Leaga players hook up with an unsuspecting partner and then engage in deliberately abusive behavior, causing their team to be disqualified. Usually such players have already been banned from Leaga in one ID, and are returning with newly created Yahoo/Leaga IDs for the purpose of disrupting the tournament.

For this reason, when an established Leaga player is considering partnering with a stranger, s/he should first check the Yahoo profile of the player under consideration. It is not recommended that a member partner with any player showing fewer than 5 completed Yahoo games on his/her profile.

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