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Teams Selection in Partner tournaments Last Update: 7/11/2005

PS - Player Select

When this option is used, a player (The Team Captain) creates a team and another player joins by using the correct password. 

SS - System Select

Is the default option. When this option is used, players sign up as individuals, and when the tourney is closed the system will assign teams according to the following criteria: 

  • Players are split into two equal groupings, the "A" and the "B", by ratings. If 16 players are entered, the top 8 seeds would be group A, the bottom 8 would be group B. Teams would be assigned as follows: the top seed in A (#1) would be paired with the top seed in B (#9), #2 with #10, and so forth, with #8 teamed with #16.

  • If an odd number of players are entered, the system will drop the last one to register.

  • Assigned teams remain as partners for the duration of the tournament.

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