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Registration & Withdrawal Last Update: 2/25/2008

  • Division Tournaments will be open to all Premium Members registered in a League that is currently hosting this format.

  • Players may register using the Division Registration link available at the My Tourneys link on the Main Page.

  • Players who have purchased an Division Subscription will automatically be registered in the next new period, thus securing their Divisional Position.

  • Players wishing to play in the next Period may renew their Division registration any time during the current Period and up to noon (11:59 AM EST) before the Start of the next Period; otherwise they will lose their position in the Division.

  • Once a Division Period in which you are registered has started you may not withdraw, and the Fees will not be refunded.

  • You may withdraw from Division in the next Period simply by abstaining from renewing for that Period. Doing this will cost you your position within the Divisions, however.

  • The Leaga Membership of Players not renewing for the next play Period will remain intact, and they may rejoin the Division at any time, but they will re-enter at the bottom, in the lowest Division.

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