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Matches Play Last Update: 2/27/2008

  • Players will be solely responsible for arranging their own matches, which must be played in the League’s default lounge (Room) as shown on the Division page. Leaga will not be able to help you arrange matches.

  • Several tools are provided to help you contact your opponents and arrange matches:

    • Edit your profile to show your Online Status on Yahoo! Messenger.

    • Edit your Availability to help your opponents know when you're usually online.

    • Use Leaga Messenger (LM) on Division Page to exchange messages with opponents in your Division.

  • Players who are unable to play any matches during a period may go on "Vacation" status by posting a message in the LM on the division page.  They will be exempt from any Win Claims, provided no matches were played and the message is posted within the first 5 days of the period.   It is also recommended that the player changes their availability to "Null".   If the player cannot post a message in LM prior to their departure, they must email the DPA and the DPA will post the message.

  • To guarantee success in playing the maximum of matches in your Division, we advise you to find your opponents in the following sequence:

    • Go to the assigned Room as soon as the Period is started, usually most Players are available to play at that time.

    • Have your Messenger on "Available" whenever you are online, so you may be contacted by the other Players in your Division.

    • Reconfirm your specific Availability on Leaga Messenger. If you intend on going on “Vacation”, you may indicate this to your opponents by posting a message in the Leaga Messenger on the division page, specifying the exact start and end date of the vacation, and by changing your Availability to “Null”.

    • After 5 days, you should then issue specific availability times individually to any opponent you have yet to play. These must be a minimum of a 2 full hours span, and should be at least 24 hours prior to the proposed time. You must have made at least 3 valid attempts (Playing Time Span Suggestions) to contact your opponent in this way to be considered for being awarded the win.

    • Make sure to be available in the Room during the suggested times, especially if your opponent confirmed the date and time.

  • Players will receive the following Points as soon as the Match is reported:
    • 3 points for each match won.
    • 1 Point for each match lost.

  • Unfinished Matches are considered “null matches” unless the DPA awards the win to one party based on documented proofs supporting a Win Claim. Please see details at Help Topic 4133.

  • Unplayed Matches are considered “null matches”: No points will be awarded to either contestant in the case of unplayed matches, unless a Win Claim is presented and supported by Valid Attempts to play the match as per the detailed rules in Help Topic 4134.

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