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Unfinished Matches Last Update: 2/27/2008

The following Rules are for guidance only; each League will have its own Rules at the League Specific Rules at the end of the Help.

  • In Division competition the "time-out clock" is used for a different purpose entirely than in all other sorts of Leaga matches.

    • In "regular" tournament play, the clock is used to facilitate timely completion of tournaments.
    • In Division play, the clock is used to ensure that a player not be unfairly deprived of an earned victory by virtue of an uncompleted match.

  • Division play uses a 48-hr clock in the case of booted or frozen players. The following general principles apply:

    • In games in which it is possible to save a match and return to it, it is recommended that if your opponent is booted you should immediately save the match. Make a note in the Leaga Messenger to that effect and any details of when you will be available to finish it.

    • In games where the match cannot be saved, you should wait at least a 15 minutes if your opponent is booted, or as long as you are willing to wait. If your opponent has not returned and you must leave, proceed as above, making a note in Leaga Messenger and making a Screen Capture of the status of the match before closing it. When the match is restarted, using the Leaga Messenger notes and/or the screen capture, proceed from the point where the match was suspended, scoring manually as necessary.

    • In games where matches cannot be saved and the format is "best-of-x", you should follow the above procedures, noting in both the room chat and Leaga Messenger that the match is now 1-0 or whatever. Then make a screen capture of the status of the match, so the remainder of the match may be played when your opponent is able to return.

    • If both players are booted and no screen capture was made, the match has to be replayed in its entirety, unless both players agree on the score of the defunct match, so the remainder of the match may be played as above.

  • Finally, if the match cannot be completed within 48 hours or by the end of the period (whichever comes first), and you believe you are entitled to an earned win, you may submit a "Win Claim" with the DPA using the Box provided. This claim must be accompanied by a screen capture and must be verified by time-stamped posts in Leaga Messenger. If both these criteria are fulfilled, the DPA will investigate and rule on the outcome of the match.

  • The ruling of the DPA in unfinished matches is final and may not be appealed. The ruling is never based on "who was booted", nor is it ever based on who made a "good faith attempt" to reschedule the match. The ruling is solely based on the actual, proven score/status of the match when it was suspended.

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