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Attempts to Play Last Update: 2/27/2008

The following Rules are for guidance only; each League will have its own Rules at the League Specific Rules at the end of the Help.

Setting your Availability and ensuring that it is correct will help your opponents see when you are available to play and also help you decide when to schedule a match with your opponents.

To make a Win Claim against any of your opponents you must:

  • have made a minimum of 3 valid attempts (suggested 3 different days with enough time span for each attempt; 2 hours minimum) after 5 days from Period Start Date
  • Offered at least 24 hours in advance to play
  • Used Leaga Messenger on your division page.
  • Directed at a specific player, with specific schedule suggestions.

Attempts to play that have been made by using Email and/or Yahoo/MSN messenger will not count as proof if you post a Win Claim.

The attempt must be directed at a Specific Player with specific Schedule Suggestions, examples below:

Valid Attempts Examples

balouza, I will be here Mon & Tue 1pm till 6pm, is that good for you?
             This will count as 2 valid attempts.
lisaleasah, I will be here tomorrow between 2pm - 6pm, can we play?
             This will count as 1 valid attempt.
richf1fan, can we play anytime today or Thu, Fri between 1:00am and 2:00pm?
             This will count as 2 valid attempts ('today' does not offer 24 hours advance notice).
richf1fan, can we play anytime tomorrow or Thu, Fri between 1:00am and 9:00am?
This will count as 3 valid attempts.

Always give at least a 2-hour time span, and use the pull down box in the "To" column to select opponent's name so this suggestion will appear in Bold Red on your opponent's EM.

Invalid Attempts Example

Hey Issa, when are you free, buzz me plz
             This will not count as valid attempt (No Clear ID, No Specific Days or Hours).
Hey Lisa, Im here for a couple of hours tomorrow, we need to play
             This will not count as valid attempt (No Clear ID, No Specific Hours).
Rich, I am here for a couple of hours do you want to play??
             This will not count as valid attempt (No Clear ID, Not enough Notice).

Basically when you make an attempt to play you must offer your opponent a time/day that you will be here to play, you must ensure that the time you have suggested gives at least 24 hours notice to your opponent from when you post the attempt; this will ensure that your opponent has time to respond to your suggested day/time to play.

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