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Division Stats Last Update: 2/25/2008

  • A new stand-alone category in Leaga stats will be created: “Divisional Ranking”. While Division tourney and match results will be incorporated into existing Standard Leaga Leagues Statistics. This new category will show only those stats generated in Divisional play, and will show Divisional Rankings.

  • All matches in the Division System will count as matches in the “Matches played/won/lost” categories of the Standard Leaga Leagues Statistics.

  • All Players in each Division Tourney will have 3 Tourneys added to the “Tourneys played” category of the Standard Leaga Leagues Statistics.

  • The top 3 Players in each Division at the end of each Division Tourney (Period) will receive (respectively) 3, 2, and 1 wins in the “Tourney Victory” category of the of the Standard Leaga Leagues Statistics.

  • Players in Division A will be listed on the main League Page, which will show online real time Ranking of the Players.

  • A new category will be added to the League Hall of Fame, “Leaga Division Champions”. Each time a Player finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Division A, s/he will receive 1 point. The top 25 Divisional Players (based on accumulated points) will be listed in this records listing.

  • After each Division Period is completed, a star will be added to the Player Profiles of the Top 3 in Division A.

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