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1101What is Leaga?6/28/2005
1102No Gambling, Eligibility, and Taxes 3/11/2008
1110Getting Started as Leaga Member7/13/2005
1120Promote Leaga .... More PIPs Bonuses2/4/2009
1130Leaga Stats9/23/2006
1180Leaga Development3/10/2010
1191How to Contact Us?7/9/2005
1201Create Your Own League10/19/2008
1202Leagues Types6/17/2005
1203Leagues Features and Services3/24/2009
1205League Settings6/24/2010
1206Head Administrator Authorities6/20/2005
1207Relationship with other Leagues6/20/2005
1208Use of Site and Services6/20/2005
1209Conduct when using the Services6/20/2005
1211Tournament Directors11/30/2005
1220Promote Your League4/16/2008
1291How to Contact League Admin?6/20/2005
1299Leagues Termination11/9/2006
Member Account
1301User Name (Your Leaga ID)8/8/2005
1302Change ID - User Name Change8/7/2006
1303Family Members and Housemates4/9/2007
1304Multiple IDs6/20/2005
1331Email Address6/21/2005
1351Joining Leagues6/21/2005
1359Withdraw from a League6/21/2005
1381I can't log in Leaga, it always takes me to the Visitor page6/21/2005
1391ID Removal - Purging10/15/2010
1392ID Removal - Withdrawing6/21/2005
Premium Membership
1401What is a Premium Membership?3/5/2014
1402Guest Membership7/1/2007
1403What are the benefits of Premium Membership?3/5/2014
1404Renewing and Upgrading Memberships2/21/2007
1409Are there any restrictions on the Premium Membership Program?6/21/2005
PIPs and $$$$
1501PIPs (Player Internet Points)9/15/2006
1502How can I earn PIPs?1/22/2007
1503Weekly Bonuses7/31/2010
1505What to do if I run out of PIPs?6/30/2007
1507PIPs Transfer2/19/2007
1509Are there any restrictions on the PIPs Program?2/19/2007
1551US $ Accounts3/10/2009
Players Stats
1601Ladder Ranking3/31/2009
1602Division Ranking2/25/2008
1603Skill Ranking - Rating Formula6/22/2005
1611Players Stats7/10/2005
1631Hall of Fame7/10/2005
Fun Games
1701Fun Games5/15/2010
1801League Forum7/10/2005
1802Forum Rules7/10/2005
1803Categories of Unacceptable Forum Posts7/10/2005
1804Posting Messages in Forum 7/10/2005
1811Members Profiles6/6/2005
1812Adding Picture to your Profile7/10/2005
1851League News6/6/2005
1891League Polls7/10/2005
1901Code of Conduct7/10/2005
1911Enforcement of Rules7/10/2005
1912List of Violations7/11/2005
2101Finding and Playing Ladder Matches5/15/2010
2103Reporting Match Results7/10/2005
2105Match Win Claim7/10/2005
2201Challenges (Head to Head)7/10/2005
2202How to Create/Accept a Challenge?7/10/2005
2203How to Play a Challenge?7/10/2005
2204Reporting the Result of a Challenge7/10/2005
2205Challenge Win Claim7/10/2005
Tournament Rules
3101Tourney General Rules7/10/2005
3102Tourneys Calendar7/10/2005
3103Tourney Registration7/10/2005
3104Tourney Entry Fees5/23/2010
3105Tourney Prizes12/13/2006
3108Withdraw from Tourney7/10/2005
3109Tourney Cancellation7/10/2005
3111Seeding and Pairings7/10/2005
3112No Show7/10/2005
3113Time Out1/18/2010
3114Making Tables7/10/2005
3115Slow Play7/4/2004
3117Substitution Program7/10/2005
3131TD Evaluation7/11/2005
3132Effective Leaga Emails7/11/2005
3133Screen Captures7/11/2005
3139Reporting Matches Results7/11/2005
Tournament Types & Styles
3201Tournament Types Summary4/4/2010
3202Tournaments Participation Eligibility7/11/2005
3211Single Elimination (SE)7/11/2005
3212Single Elimination 1x3 (S4)7/11/2005
3213Quick for 4 (Q4)12/2/2006
3214Against All (AA)4/4/2010
3215Double Elimination (DE)7/11/2005
3217Round Robin (RR)7/11/2005
3218Super Robin (SR)7/11/2005
3219Swiss System (SW)1/8/2007
3221Partners Tournaments (2x2)7/11/2005
3222Teams Selection in Partner tournaments7/11/2005
3231Multiple-day Tournaments (Week)10/18/2005
Special Tournaments & Events
3301Tournament Of Champions (TOC)6/10/2007
3302Players Appreciation Tourney (PAT)3/12/2007
3303New Players Welcome Tourney (WEL)3/12/2007
3305Battle Of Sexes (BOS)7/11/2005
3306TDs Players Showdown (TPS)10/31/2007
3311League Marathon Day7/11/2005
Division System
4111Registration & Withdrawal2/25/2008
4113Entry Fees & Prizes4/14/2008
4116Side Pots12/6/2003
4121Divisional Assignment2/25/2008
4123Divisional Standings2/25/2008
4132Matches Play2/27/2008
4133Unfinished Matches2/27/2008
4134Unplayed Matches2/27/2008
4135Attempts to Play 2/27/2008
4191Division Stats2/25/2008

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