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Leaga is a Division of Nasser, Ghattas & Co. Ltd.

Main Office - Cyprus

Street Address
7 Parthenonos Street
2413 Engomi, Cyprus

Mailing Address
P.O.Box 27187
1642 Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone : +357 22 760802
Mobile: +357 99 606656
Fax     : +357 22 764832

Email: info@leaga.com


Leaga is an online leagues community, established in June 2005. It is an independent organization comprising many indepedent Leagues operating a different game and/or at a different play site. Leaga is a non-gambling skill-based competition; No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering; Leaga is Free to all; you can register, participate in tournaments, and win points to continue playing forever completely Free.

The goal of Leaga is to provide a Platform where any Member can have his/her own League.

Leaga is FREE to join: We offer complimentary unlimited-time Guest Memberships to new members:

All Members may join All Leagues.

Fresh looking, extremely fast and user-friendly site.

Ladder format, Matches, Challenges, Tournaments, Divisions...

You win Points for every Match you play.

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Check out or join an existing League - Leagues are FREE to join.

Leaga allows you to create and run your own online gaming Leagues and tournaments, 100% FREE:

Complete administrative control over your League.

Ability to form your own team of Admins.

You may set your own League Rules and Staff Authorities.

Advanced utilities based on years of development at Eliters.com.

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Get your League in 5 minutes! Completely Free! No web development experience needed.


Site Stats
155 Leagues
21 TDs
48 Players from 23 countries
29,127 Tourneys
132,075 Matches


Full Admin Control
Ladder System
Division System
Public and Private
Standards and League Plus for extended Admin Tools


Tourney Types
Single Elimination
Double Elimination
Round Robin
Super Round Robin
Swiss System
True Swiss

Head to Head (1x1)
Partners (1x2)
4 Players/Teams (1x3)

Ladder Ranking
League Rating
Record Ranking
Divisional Ranking
Hall of Fame

Championships & Events
TOC (Tournament of Champions)
PAT (Players Appreciation Tourney)
Welcome (New Players Welcome Tourney)
BOS (Battle of Sexes)
TPS (TDs Players Showdown)

Individual Player Stats (Matches, Tourneys, Points)
Players Stats and Ranking
Leagues Stats and Ranking

Other features
Member Profiles

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Disclaimer: Leaga is a fun, friendly, and non-gambling online League community; No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering; Leaga is Free to all; you can register, participate in leagues, and win points to continue playing forever completely Free.