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 Getting Started Help 

Register with Leaga

  • To play in Leaga, you need to have a Leaga ID (maximum 20 Characters) matching the Play Site you intend to play in. Therefore, you have to register your ID  first in the Play Site.
  • To register a Leaga ID, enter your Email at Register Free, you will receive an Email with a Key; enter the Key in the Registration form; enter your ID and other details, and click Submit.
  • You will get 500 PIPs (Player Internet Points) free on registration (PIPs are the Leaga currency, you need them to play Matches and enter Tournaments).
  • You will be enrolled as a Guest member, and you may play as long as you want as a Guest.

Join a League or Leagues

  • Once you have registered as a Member of Leaga, you may join one or more Game Leagues.
  • Just click on the League you wish to join, then click the 'Sign Up' button.
  • Repeat the above for each League you wish to join.

Play a Ladder Match

  • Go the League Main Page. Select the Play Room on the Menu and click Go.
  • Click on the Play Tab; then on Matches on the League Menu.
  • To know the Players in the League and their Ranking, click on Players Ranking.
  • Find if a Player on the list is available in the Room.
  • Play the Match.
  • If you lose; Report the Match at the Matches page.
  • If you win; make sure the opponent has reported by checking the League Stats under the Stats Tab.
  • If your opponent does not report; fill a Win Claim at the Matches page.

Play in a Tournament

  • At the bottom of each League Main Page; a complete list of Tourneys in the coming 2 days is provided under Upcoming Tourneys.
  • Select an “Opened” Tournament in which you wish to compete, and click on its blue ID number. Tournaments are opened 45 minutes before start time.
  • This will take you to a Tournament Registration form with all the Tournament details; click Register.
  • You will be taken directly to the Tournament Page.
  • Go to the Play Room indicated on the Tournament page. Keep the Tournament page open as well.
  • When the Tournament Director (TD) announces that “Pairings are Up”, refresh the Tournament page.
  • You will see the identity of your opponent in the Standings box on the Tournament page.
  • Click on the Pairings link on the Tournament page, to see the brackets for the entire Tournament.
  • If you lose a match, click on the Report Loss button in the “Standings” box.

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